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Company Background

As an Insurance Broker, Thompson Insurance Agency acts as an intermediary and an advocate for their clients. Many agencies provide a short list of standard services that MUST be performed. Thompson Insurance Agency has chosen to extend that list to include additional value-added services, which they feel are absolutely essential to meeting the needs and best interests of their clients. The highest level of service and expertise is provided before, during, and after the clients coverage is in place. The following is a glimpse of some of the services Thompson Insurance Agency provides:

  • Because each client is unique, we not only provides an evaluation of current needs, but also routinely reevaluate each clients circumstances to anticipate long-term contingencies;
  • Services and products to assist their clients in making informed decisions based on cost and coverage comparisons;
  • Provide on-going education of new products and options to ensure the proper services or coverage is presented for consideration;
  • Ongoing interface with the insurance carriers to design various plans and benefits to ensure that accurate information is used. This ensures their clients the best possible premium value available;
  • Ongoing reviews to identify and recommend changes where duplication of benefits, over-utilization patterns, and coordination of benefit opportunities are found;
  • Assistance in compliancy with Federal and State requirements such as ERISA, WRAP, COBRA, ADA, FMLA, PCORI, HIPPA, Women Health & Cancer Rights Act and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO's);
  • Employee education meetings regarding cost containment, wellness programs, and managed health care strategies designed to encourage the use of the most appropriate providers and benefits in terms of quality and cost management;
  • Assistance in resolving claims and/or billing problems with the insurance carriers;
  • Assistance in filling Life and/ or Disability claims;
  • Assistance in dealing with government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid;
  • Research, analysis, and employee communications for the various advantages of alternative provider systems including Managed Care Networks, PPO's, EPO's, DMO's, HSA's, HRA's and FSA's.
  • A Monthly Newsletter that highlights current Employee Benefit News and upcoming compliance requirements.
  • Access to our HR portal which provides State-by-State HR requirements and resources, Build an Employee Handbook tool, Total Compensation Statements for employee reviews, HR Training Modules, Job Description Builder.

As insurance costs have increased, so has the need for thorough and objective consumer information and education concerning how the system works, its costs, and the options available. Thompson Insurance Agency, works with insurers, third party administrators, other health-care managers, state government bodies, the Federal government, employers, and individuals. Thompson Insurance Agency is the one expert whose loyalty is to you, their clients.